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Modern and energy efficient heating systems such as heat pumps are already standard in most new buildings, but what is the situation in an older building, for example? Does it make sense to retrofit a heat pump? And if so, how and at what cost?

Switch from gas or oil to heat pumps

The environmentally friendly heat pump heating system is becoming increasingly popular. It is not only sustainable, but also saves on heating costs. Are you thinking of modernising your home? What many people don't know is that you can benefit from the advantages of an OCHSNER heat pump not only in new buildings, but also when renovating older residential or building units. We will show you why it's worth replacing an old gas or oil heating system with one of the new, climate friendly heat sources – air, water or geothermal energy.

Can heat pumps be retrofitted?

In general, any house can be retrofitted with a heat pump for heating and hot water – and it's worth it! Whether a new or old building – if you decide on a heat pump, you can fully exploit its potential with OCHSNER. A heat pump in an older building, for example, increases the energy efficiency, which makes a positive contribution to the market value of the property.

When are heat pumps suitable for renovation?

The effective heating energy required tells you whether the current heating surfaces would be sufficient to heat with a heat pump in the future. Here's how you can test this yourself:

  1. Set the flow temperature of your heating system to 50 degrees (on a cold day).
  2. Turn the thermostats all the way up.
  3. Are your rooms warm enough? If so, the existing heating surfaces would be sufficient to heat with the help of a heat pump in the future.

If your rooms do not get warm enough with this test, larger radiators or underfloor heating would make a big difference. In addition, you could consider replacing windows or having a new roof in order to insulate your property sufficiently. Renovating the external insulation can also support your heating system and may be worth contemplating as a final step.

Save space with heat pumps

Whether you site your heat pump in the basement, garden or a utility room – it will take up less space than the classic oil heating system, for example. Compared to pellets and similar fuels, a heat pump does not require any storage space. Retrofitting an air source heat pump is a particularly space saving choice. Even a small area is sufficient for the installation of a heat pump. Our OCHSNER experts will be happy to advise you about this.

Heat pumps – functionality & benefits

Heat pumps use natural and environmentally friendly energy sources that are available in almost unlimited supply. In a thermodynamic process, our products "pump" the temperature of the heat source to a higher level. They provide heating, cooling and hot water. The majority of the energy can be obtained from the environment in a free, climate-neutral way with the help of heat pumps. Switching from gas or oil to sustainable heat sources from OCHSNER offers several benefits at once:

  • Lower heating costs thanks to the use of free environmental energy
  • Improved environmental and CO2 balance
  • Better energy efficiency and increased market value of your property
  • Heat pump as a consumer for self-generated energy with a photovoltaic system
  • Independence from fossil fuel energy suppliers
  • Personal support from OCHSNER Customer Service – right from commissioning and throughout the service life of the product
  • Government subsidies for retrofitting in older buildings & heat pumps in new buildings

Find the right heat pump

Which type of heat pump is suitable for retrofitting depends both on the required output and on the existing heating systems and energy sources. With OCHSNER, you can choose from various different heat sources:

An air source heat pump is suitable for new buildings and is an especially good choice for modernising the energy systems of older buildings as well. If a conversion to an energy efficient system is on the agenda, most people opt for this type of heat source. Installation is comparatively inexpensive and involves less effort, as no digging or drilling work is necessary in your garden. There are two options for changing to ground source heat pumps: either drilling a borehole in the ground, which requires a permit, or laying ground collectors in your garden. If retrofitting to a groundwater heat pump, a permit for the borehole must also be obtained in advance.

Combining a heat pump with your photovoltaic system

Do you own a property that is equipped with photovoltaic panels? If so, a heat pump is the ideal complement because it can make good use of the electricity generated by your PV system. Retrofitting your home with a heat pump is an excellent idea in this case, as heat pumps contribute to the consumption of your self-generated electricity. This increases the amount you can save.

Use subsidy programmes & make savings

Government subsidy programmes can support you with the investment costs for retrofitting. It is important to apply for the possible subsidies before embarking on any building project. The federal government, local government and energy suppliers offer funding in the form of housing subsidies, housing renovation or special electricity tariffs. OCHSNER supports you with system planning and the various funding options. You can find out which solution makes technical and financial sense for you by talking to an OCHSNER expert.

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Efficient & environmentally friendly heating – with OCHSNER

The benefits of heat pumps are obvious: they are both particularly efficient and environmentally friendly at the same time. Heat pumps from OCHSNER do not require either oil or gas and therefore do not consume any fuels. Their mode of operation is based on natural energy sources: air, groundwater or geothermal energy.

As a family business, OCHSNER already has more than 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of heat pumps.

For us, "environmental protection with common sense" is at the heart of our innovative solutions. Together with you, we would like to focus on the topic of energy efficiency and pursue the following goals:

  • Independence from fossil fuels for heating and cooling by using unlimited environmental energy.
  • Reduction of environmental impact to the best of our ability and contribute to climate protection.
  • The most inexpensive form of heating and cooling with our heat pumps.

Always with the highest quality standards and constantly focused on the individual requirements of our customers!

Would you like to switch from gas or oil heating to a climate friendly heat pump?

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