OCHSNER groundwater heat pumps

Constant heat source all year round

With constant temperatures of between 8 and 12°C all year round, groundwater is a heat source that can be used highly efficiently with water/water heat pumps. With seasonal performance factors (SPF) of up to 6 in operational practice and 4 in combination with radiators, OCHSNER groundwater heat pumps are very profitable and economical.

Product overview

7 - 99 kW
Wherever groundwater is available and usable in accordance with water laws, OCHSNER groundwater heat pumps offer an extremely attractive and highly economical solution for heating buildings and DHW heating. OCHSNER water/water heat pumps achieve maximum efficiency values and feature very reliable heat exchanger technology for groundwater.

Supply and return wells for groundwater circulation

Preparatory work and boreholes are required in order to utilise groundwater as a heat source. Two wells are drilled: the supply well and the soakaway or return well. Groundwater is extracted from the supply well and channelled to the heat pump. A heat exchanger transfers the energy to the refrigerant, which cools the groundwater slightly. The OCHSNER systems ensure that all the water is then fed back via the return well in a clean state, in compliance with the legal requirements. The two boreholes need to be located at a sufficient distance from each other to ensure that the warmer flow and cooled return cannot mix. The return pipe must always lie downstream of the draw-off point, in the flow direction of the groundwater.

In-depth consultation

As part of an in-depth consultation, your OCHSNER system partner can advise you on what is technically feasible and whether your property is suitable for using groundwater as an environmentally responsible and economical heat source. To the contact form

Correct depth, preliminary work, water authority permits

Plots with groundwater available at a depth of 8 to 20 metres are particularly suitable for the use of groundwater heat pumps. Deeper boreholes are often uneconomical, and water close to the surface fluctuates more in temperature and is frequently polluted. An OCHSNER system partner will always recommend a pump test over several hours at the planning stage. This makes it possible to determine whether water can be pumped in sufficient quantities. A sample is taken, followed by a water analysis. The water analysis rules out the risk of corrosion due to problematic constituents.

Plate or shell and tube heat exchanger

OCHSNER groundwater heat pumps use two different types of heat exchanger: plate or shell and tube heat exchangers. Plate heat exchangers (PHE) transfer the heat effectively to the refrigerant and are suitable if the water quality is very good. While shell and tube heat exchangers (tubular HE) have a slightly lower transfer capacity, they are able to cope with poorer water quality. This is due to various factors. The OCHSNER tubular HE pipework wall thickness is double that of plate heat exchangers. Stainless steel 304 is used externally and 1.4404 for the internal pipework. This ensures very good corrosion resistance and lowers the risk of mechanical damage. The internal diameters of OCHSNER tubular HE channels for conducting the groundwater are 250 times larger than those of PHE. They are therefore not susceptible to blockages caused by suspended matter in the water, such as sand and other contaminants. This also reduces the risk of freezing. To ensure permanently good operational reliability, a special filter is always installed upstream.

Poor groundwater quality

Shell and tube heat exchangers are a good choice if the groundwater quality is poor.

Five questions about ground water heat pumps

To weigh up the options in the first instance, it is helpful to find out whether any groundwater heat pumps have already been installed in the neighbourhood, or if any test drilling has been carried out. Any local water authority((Germany only)),regional water authority ((Austria and Switzerland)) or the water board can provide information about whether groundwater is available and whether it can be used with a heat pump.

OCHSNER groundwater heat pumps are among the most durable and reliable systems. Only if the water quality is poor does the filter in the supply well need to be cleaned at intervals or the heat exchanger flushed to protect against silting.

Groundwater at the recommended depths does not freeze. With the correct sizing, there is no risk from frost.

Groundwater is public property, subject to special protection, and ensures our supply of potable water. Permits are therefore always mandatory for use of groundwater.

Natural, warm materials. Surface designs for indoor units

The silk matt and satin finish with the distinctive red stripe design gives the indoor unit of your Ochsner heat pump a pleasant look and feel. The integration of natural, warm materials into the top of your heat pump transforms it from a purely technical product into an attractive indoor fitting. You can choose from 6 designs.

Surface designs

  • Sample cards are available for the surface designs. For further information, contact your OCHSNER sales partner.
  • Due to the printing process, the surfaces depicted here may differ from the original surface finishes.

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