OCHSNER heat pumps can be employed just about anywhere and are suitable for any application.

New build or modernisation

Whether in new build, existing buildings, older buildings or historical structures, installation or retrofitting is always possible. Regardless of whether your building has underfloor heating, wall-embedded heating or a radiator heating system – OCHSNER was the first manufacturer, many years ago, to launch a range of heat pumps with flow temperatures of up to 65 °C. Operation of existing heating systems with conventional radiators is now possible.

DHW heating

OCHSNER offers two options for domestic hot water heating:

  • For efficient DHW heating, separated from your central heating, OCHSNER recommends the EUROPA series of DHW heat pumps. They work just as well teamed up with a boiler as with a solar thermal system, for example. Take advantage of the many ancillary benefits these appliances have to offer. Depending on the model, they can also dry, cool, ventilate, use the power from your own PV system and much more besides.
  • You can also decide to use the heat pump heating system for DHW heating. In this case, the heating heat pump also heats domestic hot water.

to DHW heat pumps

Heating and cooling

Cooling is achieved via the heating pipes of underfloor and wall-embedded heating systems which absorb the higher temperature indoors and transfer it to the cooler medium (ground or water) via a heat exchanger. Generally, there are two different ways of cooling – active and passive. OCHSNER heat pumps offer you both.

Active cooling
In this case, the heat pump (refrigerant circuit) runs in reverse; the compressor operates to raise the temperature of the heat extracted from the living space to a higher level. This allows the waste heat to be transferred to the heat sink (ground, water, ambient air) more efficiently and over a longer period. Due to the higher temperature differential present when the heat is transferred to the ground, water or ambient air, the cooling load can be transferred completely over a longer period of time and the maximum cooling effect maintained over months. Incidentally, with seasonal cooling (combination of heating in the winter – cooling in the summer) there is no concern that the heat introduced to the ground might have a negative effect on it, according to the experts (VDI directive 4640).

Passive cooling
In the case of passive cooling the heat pump compressor is idle, the heat pump remains "passive". The temperature level in the ground very quickly reaches the same level as inside the building and the cooling capacity decreases rapidly. Therefore, passive cooling can only be recommended exclusively when employing water as a heat source.

In any kind of building

From detached houses, multi storey residential buildings and entire housing estates to offices, commercial and public buildings, as well as sports facilities and cultural institutions, through to production facilities and warehouses, etc. –  OCHSNER offers a product range for any kind of building.

The variety of different construction methods with or without special thermal insulation – from passive house / low energy house and the construction methods of the last decades, through to old castles – is unlimited. This means that the heat pump system must be sized individually for each building. OCHSNER offers the appropriate technology and the most suitable appliance for any kind of building.

In order to provide the high capacity and industrial heat pump sector with the technology and development options it needs, OCHSNER has founded its own affiliate – OCHSNER Energie Technik.


A heat pump transforms heat of a lower temperature into heat of a higher temperature – also in winter at temperatures below 0 °C. This is achieved in a sealed cycle through continuously changing the physical state of the heat transfer medium. The heat pump uses solar energy stored in natural heat sources – ground, water or air – and transfers this, plus the drive energy, in the form of useful heat, to the heating and DHW circuit.


OCHSNER stands for quality – this is something you can rely on absolutely. High investment in research and development, long years of experience and components of the highest quality make this possible. But the system is only perfect if the engineering takes account of your individual requirements and wishes. This also means choosing the right heat source and a product that suits you.



An OCHSNER heat pump enables you to primarily use power generated by your own PV system on site, for space heating as well as for DHW. Excess power is only exported to the grid when the cylinder has been heated to full capacity.



A heat pump's coefficient of performance shows how much useful energy is produced from one unit of drive energy. A COP of 4 means that 4 kW of heating output is generated from 1 kW of electricity. That means, 3 kW was delivered free of charge by the sun, environment or ground.


OCHSNER offers a wide range of heating heat pumps from 2 kW to 2500 kW heating output. These are manufactured using components of the highest grade to ensure a particularly long service life. If the sizing is right, ¾ of the energy you use is free and the amount of power required as drive energy is small. Depending on the model, you can not only heat with OCHSNER heating heat pumps but also cool your house in summer and heat your domestic hot water all year round. OCHSNER – heating heat pumps are suitable for new build as well as modernisation. They are also suitable for radiators offering flow temperatures up to 65 °C. You can find an overview of our product range below. Our trained OCHSNER system partners are happy to advise you on the ideal product to suit your requirements.