Committed to the future:
sustainable entrepreneurship driven by the fifth generation

You have to know where you're heading to steer the right course: Karl Ochsner is an entrepreneur with foresight and conviction. A visionary and motivator, he is the fifth generation to lead the family business. While respecting the company's roots and more than 150 years of history, Karl Ochsner has repositioned OCHSNER Wärmepumpen GmbH within just a few years and placed it on a sustainable and future-oriented footing. An open corporate culture and team spirit are as important to him as his unwavering commitment to the environment, climate and social projects.

From a regional family company to a global technology leader

Immediately on joining the company, Karl Ochsner had to contend with the turbulence caused by the 2008 financial crisis. The company emerged stronger than before, as an international technology leader and pioneer in matters of climate friendliness and renewables. Strategic partnerships and forward-looking investments in new technology, research projects and new markets have played a major role in this remarkable success story. The latest chapter is still being written, with the very successful entry into the Asian market as a medium sized company

OCHSNER heat pumps – strength from tradition

The OCHSNER family business goes way back to 1872. Many systems have been installed over the years for renowned customers all around the world, including for the US Navy and NASA. The range includes both piston and screw compressors with up to 500 kW output. OCHSNER Wärmepumpen GmbH was founded 1978 and the company has become synonymous with energy awareness, a pioneering spirit and a flair for innovation. OCHSNER was one of the first European manufacturers to produce heat pumps on an industrial scale. Today, the company is recognised as one of the sector's international technology leaders. Since 1992, OCHSNER has concentrated wholly on heat pumps.

Smart manufacturing! MADE IN AUSTRIA

OCHSNER heat pumps are manufactured exclusively in Austria using only high grade components. In this, OCHSNER pays particular attention to Industrie 4.0 and the use of advanced processes, such as 3D printing. Today, more than 150,000 OCHSNER heat pumps have been successfully deployed. A selection of reference projects are available to view > here.

OCHSNER heat pumps – cutting edge control

Modern heating systems have to meet disparate demands. Apart from the standard functions, such as heating, cooling (on request) and DHW heating, OCHSNER also enables swimming pools to be heated, a link-up between the heat pump and a PV system, connection to the internet, hook-up to building management systems, dual mode operation in tandem with other heat generators and much more. All this is made possible by the advanced control unit from OCHSNER.

Heating, cooling and domestic hot water

OCHSNER offers a comprehensive range of products for ratings from 2 to 2500 kW utilising the air, ground or water as a heat source. On request, OCHSNER heat pumps are available with a supplementary active cooling function – for which the refrigerant circuit is reversed. This creates a pleasantly cool interior without draughts or noise from the existing heat distribution system (e.g. wall heating, underfloor heating or special convectors). As required, DHW heating can be provided in conjunction with the heating heat pump or by means of the EUROPA hot water heat pump.

Efficient and tested

OCHSNER heat pumps in the OCHSNER AIR series (formerly GMLW) have been achieving record-breaking levels of efficiency and outstandingly low noise emissions for many years, as well as keeping heating costs to a minimum. With geothermal energy, OCHSNER is again out front where energy efficiency is concerned. When choosing a heat pump, look for the EHPA European Quality Label. Only those heat pumps which have been tested by independent bodies under the strictest conditions and whose manufacturers meet specified requirements for service and documentation, are entitled to bear this quality seal.

Full range

With OCHSNER, customers have the choice of selecting the optimum system for their demands and local circumstances. After all, OCHSNER is the only manufacturer on the market to offer a full range of heat pumps

  • for every heat source
  • for heating, cooling and the provision of domestic hot water
  • with an active cooling function
  • with the most advanced control technology
  • for heating systems with flow temperatures of up to 68 °C
  • with an output range from 2 to 2500 kW
  • for detached houses, apartment buildings and major projects
  • for large projects with flow temperatures of up to 130 °C

Technological and quality advantage

Numerous technical characteristics and features are testimony to the technical and quality advantage OCHSNER enjoys in the heat pump market. They include the following:

  • most reliable and quietest split air to water heat pump with the highest efficiency
  • limits of use for air source heat pumps -23 °C
  • ground source heat pumps (brine to water and water to water) up to 65 °C flow temperature
  • water to water heat pumps optionally with tubular heat exchanger as evaporator
  • auto-adaptive (self-learning) heating curve for all models
  • three expansion assemblies for air source heat pumps
  • maximum availability thanks to safety management
  • prime quality scroll compressor
  • HE EC buffer charging pump for the Golf series as standard
  • HE EC brine circuit circulation pumps for geothermal brine systems
  • straightforward system commissioning and programming with commissioning wizard
  • high capacity heat pumps with flow temperatures up to 82 °C; high temperature heat pumps with flow temperatures up to 130 °C

Quality you can always rely on

Premium quality and durability are the standards that OCHSNER sets for all its heat pumps. Dedicated quality management and a customer and quality focused corporate culture are as self-evident for OCHSNER as up to date certifications. By choosing an OCHSNER heat pump, customers are opting for an environmentally sound heating system that they can always rely on.

The highest standards of quality management

OCHSNER heat pumps are manufactured exclusively in Austria and Germany with high grade components. The latest standards and all the relevant certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 ensure consistently high manufacturing quality. OCHSNER places the same high quality demands on its suppliers. Every heat pump is thoroughly checked and tested in the factory before delivery – to ensure quality without compromises. This means that, with OCHSNER heat pumps, customers can expect maximum efficiency, operational reliability and durability as standard. Well over 150,000 OCHSNER heat pumps are currently successfully in use.

Confirmed efficiency and premium quality

OCHSNER heat pumps have been achieving record-breaking levels of efficiency and outstandingly low noise emissions for many years. They also ensure minimal heating costs for users. The company provides transparent information about the premium efficiency of its products. The energy efficiency ratings speak for themselves: OCHSNER heat pumps have the highest classifications up to A+++, even with air as the heat source. When choosing a heat pump, customers should look for the EHPA European Quality Label which guarantees efficiency and the highest quality. The classification of the tanks is equally important.

Putting customers first – even after the purchase

At OCHSNER, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Individual support does not end at the moment of purchase. The in-house technical customer service continues to offer comprehensive assistance. Customers can count on expert, reliable help, available at any time. OCHSNER also offers the option of remote maintenance via the internet for many products. The Customer Service regularly achieves top scores in ongoing evaluations via a certified SMS survey system. This is a further reflection of what makes the company unique: quality, futureproof technology and customer focus, which set the gold standard for state of the art heat pump technology.

Technology leader for environmentally responsible heating

The company has been characterised by continuous innovation from the outset. From a regional SME, OCHSNER has grown into the international technology leader for advanced, environmentally responsible heat pump systems. OCHSNER was one of the first manufacturers in Europe to produce heat pumps on an industrial scale. The products are still manufactured exclusively in Austria and Germany. The company combines perfect quality with high efficiency, thanks to smart processes such as 3D printing and Industry 4.0 applications. Optimised and standardised development and product modification processes ensure continuous technical advancement. Every individual OCHSNER employee is driven by a spirit of curiosity and innovation. We never lose sight of the concrete benefits for our customers, including an optimum price/performance ratio and the highest environmental efficiency.

Innovation every day

OCHSNER is driving the pace of technological development with pioneering innovations. With a budget amounting to 6 percent of the company turnover on average, research & development forms the bedrock of our success – and ensures efficient and energy saving products. Our technology leadership is affirmed by our regular top scores in independent tests. OCHSNER air/water heat pumps routinely achieve record-breaking results for efficiency and the best values for low noise emissions, as well as keeping heating costs to a minimum. In the geothermal energy and groundwater segments too, OCHSNER leads the field for innovation, energy efficiency and reliability.

Full-range provider with groundbreaking technology

Customers benefit from a full range of heat pumps for optimum coverage of diverse requirements and local conditions. OCHSNER is the only manufacturer on the market to offer futureproof solutions for all heat sources – for heating, cooling and DHW heating – for detached houses, apartment buildings and major projects. Cutting edge controller technologies, based on in-house developments, allow unbeatable efficiency and convenient heat supply for outputs ranging from 2 to 2,500 kW. The export level of 80 percent further reflects the company’s international technology leadership.

Made to measure solutions with high added value

OCHSNER products are optimised down to the smallest detail to ensure quality and added value for our customers. A prime example is the split air/water heat pump, which offers the very best in operational reliability, efficiency and low noise levels. OCHSNER engineers are continually working to push the boundaries – for example to ensure reliable operation of air/water heat pumps up to -23°C. High efficiency energy saving buffer charging pumps or high efficiency energy saving brine circuit circulation pumps for geothermal brine systems also achieve top results. The comprehensive product range also includes extreme application areas – from air/water, brine/water and water/water heat pumps to high capacity heat pumps with flow temperatures up to 82°C or high temperature heat pumps with flow temperatures up to 130°C. OCHSNER offers outstanding quality and reliability as standard – in line with the company’s long tradition.

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