OCHSNER air source heat pumps

Highly efficient use of ambient air

There are good reasons why the air source heat pump is the most widespread heat pump system for heating buildings. Air and electricity are available in almost unlimited supply. This means that OCHSNER air source heat pumps can be installed practically anywhere. Thanks to their advanced, high performance technology, they are suitable for modernisation and renovation as well as energy efficient new builds. OCHSNER air source heat pumps can be used not only for heating and DHW heating, but also for cooling, depending on the sizing.

Product overview

7 - 78 kW
Based on many years' experience of split system technology and horizontal bench evaporators, OCHSNER AIR appliances meet the highest requirements with regard to energy efficiency, noise emissions and operational reliability. Noise emissions can be reduced still further with Super Silent Packages. With flow temperatures of up to 65°C, these appliances are suitable for new build and renovation projects, and can also be combined with radiators.
4 - 43 kW
The OCHSNER AIR HAWK series of heat pumps combines high efficiency with maximum convenience. OCHSNER horizontal bench evaporators keep noise emissions extremely low. Noise can be reduced still further with Super Silent Packages. Fully modulating fans and compressors ensure demand-dependent operation, so no buffer tank is required.
6 - 10 kW
The OCHSNER AIR FALCON is an economical solution for detached houses with surface heating systems or radiators, as well as for bivalent heating systems. It offers OCHSNER technology with an excellent price/performance ratio. A highlight of the series is the OCHSNER TRONIC SMART high-tech control technology. This allows convenient, futureproof control and remote maintenance.

The OCHSNER recipe for success!
A simple principle, applied with technical perfection

All air source heat pumps work in the same way. A fan draws in outdoor air, which then passes through a heat exchanger, causing the refrigerant in the heat pump to evaporate. Within the heat pump circuit, it is then brought up to a higher temperature by compression in an electrically powered compressor. The energy is transferred via a heat exchanger to water which can be used for heating and DHW heating. The main differences are in the details: High performance OCHSNER technology supplies sufficient energy for heating and DHW even at cold outdoor air temperatures. It does this by using refrigerants with a very low boiling point. Above all, the components must all be ideally matched and work together perfectly. This means that you can count on OCHSNER air source heat pumps to work with maximum efficiency and minimum power consumption. Simpler entry-level appliances use vertical fans for air intake. OCHSNER high-end appliances are equipped with bench evaporators with very high quality fans, which are installed horizontally. These offer greater output and quieter operation.

OCHSNER research and development

To stay at the technological cutting edge, OCHSNER invests around 6 percent of its annual turnover in research and development.

Sound performance from OCHSNER!
Keeping noise emissions to a minimum

It is impossible to completely eliminate all noise that fans make when taking in air. Cheap systems can be very loud, which may annoy your neighbours or disturb you at night. Regional noise protection regulations also need to be observed. OCHSNER bench evaporators with horizontally installed fans regularly achieve the best results for noise emissions in independent tests. They are extremely quiet. The premium air source heat pumps in the OCHSNER Air Hawk and Air Eagle series offer you the added benefits of inverter technology. The compressor output as well as the speed of fans can be variably adjusted to the current heat demand. This makes them significantly quieter and more efficient. The output can be reduced still further at specific times with a special silent mode. Sound attenuating panelling for the outdoor sections is also available.

For high noise protection requirements

OCHSNER air source heat pumps offer solutions for practically any building situation in densely built up residential areas with high noise protection requirements. Your OCHSNER system partner will advise you on your project.

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OCHSNER installation benefits!
Quick to install, reliable to operate

To install an OCHSNER air source heat pump, no holes need to be drilled, or collectors laid. This makes installation quicker and easier than that of ground source or groundwater systems. The space saving indoor units are barely bigger than a refrigerator and can be effortlessly installed in your basement, utility room or hallway. The outdoor units are mounted in the garden or on a garage roof or flat roof. Ready to fit connections make it easy to link the system up to your existing heating and DHW installations. Comprehensive OCHSNER customer service supports you with commissioning, servicing and maintenance.

The diverse OCHSNER selection!
Design your own outdoor unit and indoor unit

Your air source heat pump should be a perfect match for your house not just technically, but also visually. For the outdoor units in the Air Hawk and Air ranges, you can choose the exact colour you want. In addition to the standard colours– anthracite grey, traffic white or white aluminium – you can also choose from 1625 colours on the sample cards "RAL Classic K7" and "RAL Design D2".

Five questions about air source heat pumps

OCHSNER air source heat pumps can deliver flow temperatures of 60°C or 65°C in heat pump-only mode, depending on the model. This means that they provide sufficiently high temperatures for heating with classic radiators. OCHSNER can boast thousands of positive references. A precise calculation by an OCHSNER system partner is important in order to ensure that the house, heating system and air source heat pump are perfectly matched.

It is very low maintenance. No chimney sweeps or flue gas tests are needed: only a regular check of the refrigerant circuit for leaks. An annual inspection of the whole system is recommended. 

At temperatures of between -7 and +7°C and with high humidity, icing can occur on the heat exchanger of the evaporator due to condensing moisture. To prevent this, OCHSNER bench evaporators use a process known as hot gas defrosting through refrigerant circuit reversal. This works on the principle of temporarily feeding back hot refrigerant in vapour form from the compressor to the evaporator. The ice then melts and full performance is once again assured. 

Combination with a solar thermal DHW system is not ideal, since this means not only a higher additional investment for the DHW heating, but also lower annual efficiency with the heat pump. On the other hand, connection to a photovoltaic system, which supplies the electricity for the air source heat pump, is a very good solution. All OCHSNER air source heat pumps are Smart Grid-ready, i.e. set up for use of self-generated electricity or taking advantage of cheaper off-peak tariffs.

Attractive subsidies for heat pumps

Many different regional grants or indirect subsidies are available through housing construction and renovation schemes. Some energy providers offer financial support or special electricity tariffs.


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