Committed to the future: sustainable entrepreneurship driven by the fifth generation

You have to know where you're heading to steer the right course: Karl Ochsner is an entrepreneur with foresight and conviction. A visionary and motivator, he is the fifth generation to lead the family business. While respecting the company's roots and more than 150 years of history, Karl Ochsner has repositioned OCHSNER Wärmepumpen GmbH within just a few years and placed it on a sustainable and future-oriented footing. An open corporate culture and team spirit are as important to him as his unwavering commitment to the environment, climate and social projects.

From a regional family company to a global technology leader

Immediately on joining the company, Karl Ochsner had to contend with the turbulence caused by the 2008 financial crisis. The company emerged stronger than before, as an international technology leader and pioneer in matters of climate friendliness and renewables. Strategic partnerships and forward-looking investments in new technology, research projects and new markets have played a major role in this remarkable success story. The latest chapter is still being written, with the very successful entry into the Asian market as a medium sized company.

Exceptional innovation – no year without a new product

Continuous innovation is a crucial factor. The company has gradually optimised its development and product modification processes – far in excess of international standards. Karl Ochsner encourages and expects his employees to show innovative spirit and the courage to embrace new ideas. Successfully so, as OCHSNER is the only company in its sector to have twice been awarded the Austrian State Prize. But that's not all: OCHSNER has also twice won the ENERGY GENIUS innovation award from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism within just two years.

Committed to our natural world and our economy

Karl Ochsner is equally strongly committed to environmental protection and the fight against climate change, as evidenced by a close partnership with the WWF Climate Group for one. Moreover, he spends what little free time he has on association activities and various supervisory board positions. He is active in the heat pump associations for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Europe and China, in the Senates of Economy Europe and Germany, and in the Federation of Austrian Industries.

OCHSNER team: diversity and openness make all the difference

Having spent ten years in Germany with US company Xerox, including in the role of general manager, Karl Ochsner has been strongly influenced by the American management style, with its emphasis on high performance leadership, excellence and diversity. His approach is characterised by creating a corporate culture that fosters discussion, openness, diversity and advancement regardless of gender at all levels up to and including senior management. Inclusiveness and cultural open-mindedness are firmly rooted in the company's DNA. OCHSNER has employees from 15 countries.

OCHSNER DNA: grounded and global, traditional and cosmopolitan

Karl Ochsner works together with his staff to continue the company tradition – always combined with a strong focus on the future, characterised by a grounded yet cosmopolitan and global mindset. The team makes all the difference and unleashes the energy needed to keep the company achieving its ambitious goals. Karl Ochsner's guiding principle puts it in a nutshell: "The company belongs to itself and to all employees!"