Technology leader for environmentally responsible heating

The company has been characterised by continuous innovation from the outset. From a regional SME, OCHSNER has grown into the international technology leader for advanced, environmentally responsible heat pump systems. OCHSNER was one of the first manufacturers in Europe to produce heat pumps on an industrial scale. The products are still manufactured exclusively in Austria and Germany. The company combines perfect quality with high efficiency, thanks to smart processes such as 3D printing and Industry 4.0 applications. Optimised and standardised development and product modification processes ensure continuous technical advancement. Every individual OCHSNER employee is driven by a spirit of curiosity and innovation. We never lose sight of the concrete benefits for our customers, including an optimum price/performance ratio and the highest environmental efficiency.

Innovation every day

OCHSNER is driving the pace of technological development with pioneering innovations. With a budget amounting to 6 percent of the company turnover on average, research & development forms the bedrock of our success – and ensures efficient and energy saving products. Our technology leadership is affirmed by our regular top scores in independent tests. OCHSNER air/water heat pumps routinely achieve record-breaking results for efficiency and the best values for low noise emissions, as well as keeping heating costs to a minimum. In the geothermal energy and groundwater segments too, OCHSNER leads the field for innovation, energy efficiency and reliability.

Full-range provider with groundbreaking technology

Customers benefit from a full range of heat pumps for optimum coverage of diverse requirements and local conditions. OCHSNER is the only manufacturer on the market to offer futureproof solutions for all heat sources – for heating, cooling and DHW heating – for detached houses, apartment buildings and major projects. Cutting edge controller technologies, based on in-house developments, allow unbeatable efficiency and convenient heat supply for outputs ranging from 2 to 2,500 kW. The export level of 80 percent further reflects the company’s international technology leadership.

Made to measure solutions with high added value

OCHSNER products are optimised down to the smallest detail to ensure quality and added value for our customers. A prime example is the split air/water heat pump, which offers the very best in operational reliability, efficiency and low noise levels. OCHSNER engineers are continually working to push the boundaries – for example to ensure reliable operation of air/water heat pumps up to -23°C. High efficiency energy saving buffer charging pumps or high efficiency energy saving brine circuit circulation pumps for geothermal brine systems also achieve top results. The comprehensive product range also includes extreme application areas – from air/water, brine/water and water/water heat pumps to high capacity heat pumps with flow temperatures up to 82°C or high temperature heat pumps with flow temperatures up to 130°C. OCHSNER offers outstanding quality and reliability as standard – in line with the company’s long tradition.