OCHSNER ground source heat pumps

Geothermal energy for your home

For decades, OCHSNER ground source heat pumps have been a tried and tested solution for efficiently supplying buildings with environmentally friendly heat from the ground. Since this energy source is subject to only minimal temperature fluctuations throughout the year, OCHSNER ground source heat pumps achieve very good efficiency values, continuously and reliably.

Product overview

6 - 78 kW
OCHSNER brine/water ground source heat pumps provide a wide range of options to make highly efficient use of the ground as a constant heat store for heating and DHW heating. Active and passive cooling are also optionally available, depending on the model. The Ochsner brine/water series absorbs heat from the ground in three ways: via horizontal collectors laid flat in the earth, trench collectors, or vertically installed geothermal probes.

The OCHSNER recipe for success!
Making the best use of geothermal energy

Ground source heat pumps use the even temperature of the ground as a constant and reliable source of energy. This energy can be tapped in two ways, depending on the conditions on site: via collectors laid horizontally in the ground, or geothermal probes sunk vertically. In both cases, heat is drawn from the ground and the temperature level raised by means of the thermodynamic heat pump process. This energy is then available for the heating system and for DHW heating.

Free geothermal energy

The thermodynamic heat pump process makes use of free geothermal energy for heating and DHW heating.

Temperature control with an OCHSNER ground source heat pump: cooling and thermal store charging

Your OCHSNER ground source heat pump can be designed to additionally allow cooling and temperature control in the summer. There are two cooling processes to choose from. In passive cooling, heat is transferred from surface heating systems to the ground via geothermal probes. Since the ground is cooler than the air in the house in summer, with temperatures constantly in the region of 10°C, room temperatures can be lowered by a few degrees. The energy costs are minimal, because only the circulation pump for the heat transfer medium in the geothermal probes is activated. In active cooling, the heat pump process is reversed. In this case, the heat pump uses the house as a heat source and transfers the thermal energy to the outside via the horizontal collectors or geothermal probes. The power consumption is somewhat higher than with the passive version, but the cooling capacity is significantly greater and easier to control. Only active cooling can be used with horizontal collectors installed in the ground. More information about cooling with OCHSNER heat pumps can be found here.

Heat yield in winter

OCHSNER heat pumps provide temperature control by using the ground as a heat store. This makes it possible to use waste heat from the house to improve the heat yield in winter.

Five questions about ground source heat pumps

Cooling of the garden with visible signs on the plants can only happen if the collector area is an insufficient size. As well as the key data, OCHSNER system partners take soil samples or use empirical values from the region as part of their professional planning and sizing. It is advisable to include some surplus collector area to allow for any increase in the number of people or a subsequent extension.

OCHSNER ground source systems are almost maintenance-free. Horizontal collectors and geothermal probes are very durable and robust and do not normally require any maintenance or servicing. An annual inspection of the whole system is recommended.

With the right planning, the geothermal collectors are always laid deep enough in the ground in a frost-free location. This rules out any freezing.

Notification is required for horizontal collectors and all geothermal probes over 100 m deep are subject to approval by the local water authority and the State Office for Geology [Germany].

Natural, warm materials. Surface designs for indoor units

The silk matt and satin finish with the distinctive red stripe design gives the indoor unit of your Ochsner heat pump a pleasant look and feel. The integration of natural, warm materials into the top of your heat pump transforms it from a purely technical product into an attractive indoor fitting. You can choose from 6 designs.

Surface designs

  • Sample cards are available for the surface designs. For further information, contact your OCHSNER sales partner.
  • Due to the printing process, the surfaces depicted here may differ from the original surface finishes.

Attractive subsidies for heat pumps

Many different regional grants or indirect subsidies are available through housing construction and renovation schemes. Some energy providers offer financial support or special electricity tariffs.


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