OCHSNER is Smart Grid ready

The Smart Grid functionality gives you access to attractive tariffs for operating a heat pump in the grid of the future. Smart Grids serve to balance out peaks, Smart Grid-enabled heat pumps switch on if surplus power is available at favourable tariffs and store this energy in the form of hot water.

OCHSNER Smart Home

OCHSNER can be integrated at any time into Smart Home systems via central building management systems and Smart Grid interfaces. Not only that – if you wish, you can control your heat pump via PC, tablet or smartphone from home or anywhere else in the world.

Silent mode

In silent mode, the fan speed is reduced according to a fixed proportional function depending on the outside air temperature. This ensures that the system's already extremely low noise emissions in standard operation are reduced even further, for example in summer during DHW or pool heating. OCHSNER supplies this function as standard for all appliances in the GMLW series.

OCHSNER is ErP ready

All OCHSNER heat pumps and cylinders comply with statutory energy labelling in line with eco-design guidelines. The energy label gives you information on the efficiency of new heat generators – OCHSNER heat pumps achieve performance figures that no other heating system can offer.

Heating version

With OCHSNER heat pump systems you are guaranteed a futureproof heating system (with active cooling on request) with a heat source that never fails and that will remain affordable. You cannot put a price on wellbeing and quality of life.

A heat pump heating system consists of a heat source (water, ground or air) and the heat consumer system (e.g. underfloor heating).

All system components must be perfectly matched in order to ensure flawless operation and high performance factors (seasonal performance factor). To achieve this, OCHSNER takes on the complete engineering of the entire heat pump heating system. Our system partners are happy to advise you and install your system professionally. OCHSNER offers you reliability, not empty promises.

Heating and cooling versions

Every year, we suffer summer heat waves, with the number of days over 30 °C increasing all the time.

The need for cooling homes is steadily growing and, according to EU studies, the demand for cooling is rising more strongly than the demand for heating. In cars and in many offices, air conditioning is already a matter of course, and no one wants to do without this convenience.

Why not demand the same convenience for your own home. After all you spend a large proportion of your life there. On request, OCHSNER heat pumps are available with cooling as an additional function, for every kind of heat source.




The OCHSNER TRONIC SMART control system is the new, central control interface for the heat pump. Its clever technology ensures high efficiency, lasting operational reliability and whisper-quiet operation. The heat pump can be controlled with ease using the OCHSNER app.


The OCHSNER TRONIC SMART meets all the requirements of today and tomorrow, and can be integrated directly into holistic building control concepts. The system is extremely straightforward to set up and operate with the OCHSNER app using a smartphone or other mobile device if preferred. The result is more convenient living, greater individuality with the home climate functions and high customer satisfaction. Core functions such as the current status of the heat pump, heating circuit, time program, DHW temperature and current weather data plus forecast are presented in a user friendly and self-explanatory way, thanks to the visual user interface.


The impressive result of many years of development work: OCHSNER's entirely self-developed electronic control system is not only perfectly tailored to the requirements of heat pumps, but also offers smart options for interaction and communication – from networking within the building to external interfaces. It has never been so simple to network OCHSNER heat pumps with energy management systems, smart home systems or building management systems – to suit your needs. Heat pumps are easy to link to sensors and actuators. Even without control cables, room and outdoor sensors featuring the wireless EnOcean standard can be retrofitted without the need for renovation work – ideal for existing buildings in particular.


The living climate manager OCHSNER Tronic Smart (OTS) with the pioneering OTS APP offers new features and more extensive options.


The OTS also has the edge when it comes to efficiency. The benefits of heat pump runtime optimisation, speed controlled circulation pumps and multi stage control of the electric booster heater really add up. Costs go down whilst the possibilities increase. Continuous monitoring of the sensors, in conjunction with constant pre-calculation of the required values, increases the operational reliability and efficiency of the refrigerant circuit. One new feature is the option of heating and cooling at the same time, even with cascades.



The operating concept for the control system is groundbreaking: the OCHSNER app forms a clever symbiosis between the demands of the "smartphone generation" and the proven operating concept of the tried and tested controller. Mobile control is self-explanatory and gives the heat pump user complete freedom: from the cloud-based solution which can be accessed from anywhere, to the option of controlling the heat pump via an app in the home WiFi network – even without an external internet connection. Connecting the heat pump to the internet offers a range of benefits, from regular software updates to direct access by customer service. Significantly extended remote diagnosis is now available on request.

OTE home climate manager

OCHSNER focused on achieving an intelligent, user friendly concept in its new OTE home climate manager for heat pump system control.
Advanced control technology offers you the greatest convenience, maximum energy efficiency and the highest degree of operational reliability.

OCHSNER RaumTerminal with capacitive touchscreen technology

  • Allows control of the entire heat pump system of a building
  • Controls all available generators and consumers such as: temperature control, system equipment, heat pump, heat distribution
  • Self-explanatory touchscreen display for wall mounting
    - user friendly, self-explanatory menu makes controlling the components easy
    - timeless, elegant design
    - capacitive touchscreen – as with smartphones or tablets
  • LAN and web-enabled

Straightforward operation through interactive communication

The new control unit concept focuses not only on customer benefit, but also on helping system partners when it comes to monitoring the heat pump system:

  • Full graphic with clear text display
  • Simplest operation: only two keys required for operation, with straightforward, logical menu structure
  • Even more efficient DHW convenience using innovative, adaptive DHW control
  • Maximum operational reliability of the heat pump system thanks to safety management
  • Standard options – flow monitoring and heat metering for calculation in line with the market incentive programme
  • Commissioning made easy with the commissioning wizard





  • OCHSNER RaumTerminal with capacitive touchscreen and integrated web2com server plus app for web-enabled smartphones or tablets
  • Internet-based remote control engineering web2com for worldwide access

The clear text display prompts you safely through the menu. Clear graphics to illustrate the system.

Along with special functions for the heat pump, the OTE control system regulates DHW heating, cooling mode and up to 16 consumer circuits (heating/cooling). Additional heat generators such as boilers, (supplementary module) and solar thermal systems can be switched. 



A heat pump is designed to extract renewable heating energy from the environment – from the air, groundwater and the ground, and transfer this energy to the heating circuit.

The conditions of the building and plot determine which heat pump system is best suited. Generally, groundwater, the ground itself or ambient air can serve as heat suppliers, each of which is "tapped" in different ways. The heat source chosen for generating thermal energy determines the type of heat pump used.

Air as heat source

Air is available everywhere in unlimited supply. OCHSNER has developed horizontal split system technology even further, to make air source heat pumps more economical than ever. This system is great for new build and even better for modernising heating systems in existing buildings.

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Water as heat source

Where groundwater is available at an acceptable depth and in sufficient amounts, it offers the best possible seasonal performance factors. A constant temperature of 8 to 12 °C guarantees an optimum heating operation.

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Ground as heat source – brine

With this system, geothermal energy is picked up by means of a brine circuit and transferred to the heat pump. Geothermal brine collectors can be installed in three different ways.

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