By specialised OCHSNER system partners

Correct sizing of the system is your guarantee for trouble-free operation and the lowest heating bills. Our professionally trained system partners help you in planning your heat pump heating system, whether in new build or modernisation. The existing situation is analysed in detail and your wishes taken into account, in order to determine which type of heat pump is perfect for you.

New build

If a heat pump is included in the plans of your new build from the start, additional and unnecessary costs can easily be avoided. If you discuss this with OCHSNER in advance, you will see how simply and easily the perfect heat pump system can be conceptualised, selected and installed.

Installing a heat pump in a new building increases building efficiency (energy performance certificate) and boosts the evaluation of the system equipment.

Heating system modernisation

Depending on the situation, you can either completely replace, or supplement, your existing boiler with a heat pump. In both cases, the savings are substantial. If you retain the existing boiler, this is then used only on the coldest days and working efficiently together, in symbiosis, with the heat pump.

When it comes to heating system modernisation, air as a heat source is often ideal, as no labour-intensive tapping of the heat source (earthwork, drilling, digging) is necessary, and a pipe of only a finger's diameter runs from the outside into the building.

Installing your OCHSNER heat pump

Your new heat pump is manufactured specifically to your requirements and subsequently installed by our local system partner. This means that, depending on the type of heat pump and the heat source used (ground, water, air), pipes are embedded in the ground, wells drilled, probes set in or the evaporator installed. The heat pump is connected within the building itself. The space required varies according to the system concerned, but it is usually small.


After your heat pump has been successfully installed, it will be commissioned and perfectly set up by OCHSNER's own customer service team. You will also receive in-depth training. And if any more questions crop up, our system partner or our customer service team is there to help.

Service und Wartung

Für die Betreuung nach der Installation stehen unser Systempartner und der flächendeckende OCHSNER Werkskundendienst  rund um die Uhr zur Verfügung. Damit Ihre Investition langfristig gesichert ist, empfehlen wir regelmäßige Wartungen Ihrer Wärmepumpe. Dies ermöglicht dauerhaft niedrige Betriebskosten, verlängert die Lebensdauer Ihrer Anlage und beugt allfälligen Störungen vor.Details dazu finden Sie auf der Seite KUNDENDIENST.