The OCHSNER AIR HAWK 208 heat pump is the tailored solution for detached houses with superior energy efficiency. Thanks to the proven OCHSNER horizontal split evaporator system, the AIR HAWK 208 is exceptionally quiet in operation – in standard mode, the sound pressure level at a distance of 3 m from the outdoor unit is only 28 dB(A).

Energy efficient
Climate zone (middle)
Energy efficiency class (D to A+++)
P rated
6 kW
Efficiency ETAs
175,2 %
Useable for
  • Detached and two-family houses
  • Underfloor heating
  • Radiators up to 60°C
Heating or heating/cooling
Max. flow temp. 65 °C
OTS controller

Features and options


Die OCHSNER TRONIC SMART erfüllt alle Anforderungen von heute und morgen und lässt sich direkt in ganzheitliche Konzepte der

With inverter technology

This series is fully modulating and continuously adjusts its output to the heat demand. This means that the heat pumps can run during

Heating and cooling

The heat pump is the only heating system that can also perform cooling. Cooling is achieved via the heating pipes of underfloor and wall heating systems

World record for the quietest operation

The highly efficient AIR HAWK is the quietest air/water heat pump ever to be measured at the Buchs heat pump testing centre in Switzerland

Noise reduction through whisper quiet operation

The unique and patented whisper quiet operation reduces the sound emissions from OCHSNER horizontal split evaporators to an absolute minimum

Pioneer in climate protection

In the AIR HAWK, OCHSNER is already using only refrigerants with a GWP (global warming potential) well below 700, 


Choose from a broad colour palette for your horizontal split evaporator for outdoor installation.  The appliances are manufactured in exclusive 

OCHSNER air source heat pumps

OCHSNER air source heat pumps combine outstanding energy efficiency with extremely low noise emissions and futureproof, reliable technology.

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