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Reducing heating costs – 10 tips for cheaper heating

Heating is essential to keep your home toasty warm in winter. Naturally, this costs money, but it…
Tons of CO2 saved
Thanks to our OCHSNER heat pump customers, large amounts of CO2 have been saved since 1978.

What our customers are saying

Heat pump: efficient through the heat from the environment

OCHSNER heat pumps use energy sources that are available in almost unlimited quantities:

In a thermodynamic process, heat pumps "pump" the temperature of the heat source to a higher level and make it usable for heating and hot water.

Only a quarter of the electricity from the socket Around three quarters of the energy required is drawn from the environment in a free, climate-neutral process, whilst just one quarter comes from the socket and is used to operate the heat pump. How efficiently a heat pump works depends on the heat source and – significantly – on the technology. The choice of heat source must be suitable for:

  • the energy standard of the building,,
  • the geographical location and
  • the property.

Find the right heat pump quickly using the Heat Pump Configurator

Heat pumps for new & old buildings

Due to their outstanding efficiency, OCHSNER heating heat pumps can be retrofitted both in new buildings with underfloor heating and in refurbishment projects with traditional radiators. Heat pumps are in keeping with the times: modern and environmentally friendly heating with air, the ground or water. Potential subsidies are also correspondingly high.

You can find out more about how the different types of heat pumps work in the articles on groundwater heat pumpsgeothermal heat pumps and air source heat pumps.

OCHSNER heat pumps: top quality made in Austria

From 1978 onwards, the family-owned business OCHSNER was one of the first companies in the world to concentrate exclusively on the development and production of high efficiency, high end heat pumps.

Technology leader in the heat pump sector

OCHSNER has built up a reputation as a technology leader in the heat pump sector thanks to its outstanding technical achievements and innovations. The company develops and manufactures its products exclusively in Germany and Austria, with production processes that comply with Industry 4.0 standards.

Environmentally friendly heating

The company's vision is to use environmental energy to contribute to solving the challenges of our global energy future and of climate change. The aim is to actively support the phase-out of fossil fuels and to make every act of heat generation and every heating system environmentally friendly. That's why our slogan is: OCHSNER heat pumps – for me and nature.

Why OCHSNER Heat pumps

At the Buchs heat pump test centre in Switzerland, OCHSNER heat pumps regularly achieve top values for efficiency and performance. In this way, OCHSNER sets standards for efficient heating, cooling and hot water.

Over 160,000 installed systems and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers in private households and large companies demonstrate the reliability and operational safety of OCHSNER heat pumps. They are of the highest quality and have a service life of several decades. In the planning, design and installation of your heating system, you can rely on our experienced and highly trained OCHSNER system partners, whilst system commissioning is carried out by our in-house OCHSNER Customer Service.

Yes, in fact we even offer the quietest air source heat pump in the world, the OCHSNER AIR HAWK 208. Our highly developed OCHSNER technology reduces the noise level of air source heat pumps to a minimum:

  • OCHSNER bench evaporators with their horizontally mounted fans run extremely quietly.

  • Inverter technology enables infinitely variable speed adjustment to match the current heat demand.

Noise can be minimised even further with the special silent mode and sound-insulating casing. More information about the quietest air source heat pumps.

The sophisticated design of OCHSNER heat pumps meets the highest aesthetic and functional requirements. The heat pump indoor units are therefore also suitable for installation in living areas, for example utility rooms or other ancillary rooms. The easily removable casing and clear layout of the technical components facilitate transport, installation and maintenance.

In addition to the broad selection of heating heat pumps, OCHSNER offers the world's largest range of hot water heat pumps, which can make use of sources including waste heat. You will therefore have no difficulty finding the most efficient and economical solution for your home.

OCHSNER heat pumps are Smart Grid-ready. With the highly developed, user friendly control technology, you can increase self-consumption from your photovoltaic system straight away and operate the heat pump in a completely environmentally neutral way. As soon as the planned, intelligently controlled electricity grids are available, you will benefit from cheap green electricity from "Smart Grids".

OCHSNER offers its customers and system partners a unique after sales service throughout Austria. All our service engineers are specialised experts in commissioning, maintenance or troubleshooting. They are available 365 days a year.

Consistently positive reviews in ongoing customer surveys confirm the excellent performance of our Customer Service.

High efficiency OCHSNER heat pumps exceed all the criteria for the various subsidy programmes offered by the KfW, BAFA and the federal states, and are included on BAFA's "List of heat pumps with test certificate". And that's not all: thanks to their excellent performance figures, they meet the requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) and save you extra costs for expensive thermal insulation or complex system technology.


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