Hot water heat pumps

OCHSNER hot water heat pumps provide the house with a highly efficient and perfectly hygienic supply of hot water. They function independently of the heating system.

Air source heat pumps

OCHSNER air source heat pumps combine outstanding energy efficiency with low noise emissions and futureproof, durable technology.

Brine/water ground source heat pumps

With horizontal collectors or geothermal probes, OCHSNER ground source heat pumps make highly efficient use of the ground as an abundant, free heat store.

Ground source heat pumps Direct evaporation

By transferring geothermal energy directly to the refrigerant, OCHSNER direct evaporators achieve the best heat yields of all the common geothermal collector systems.

Groundwater heat pumps

OCHSNER groundwater heat pumps feature maximum efficiency and durability. Essential requirements are access to groundwater and the relevant permits.


OCHSNER offers high quality, efficient tanks and DHW solutions, which are ideally matched to OCHSNER heat pumps.

High capacity heat pumps

OCHSNER energy technology offers heat pumps for large outputs and high temperatures, for use in industry, commerce, infrastructure etc.