Responsibility for the climate and the environment

With future-focused, environmentally efficient heating systems, the company is actively involved in protecting the environment and natural resources. With considerable success: use of OCHSNER heat pumps by our customers has saved some 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 since 1978. The company’s environmental commitment extends beyond just its products. It also supports projects for promoting sustainability in society.

Participation in the WWF CLIMATE GROUP

As a partner of the WWF CLIMATE GROUP, OCHSNER is working actively alongside other high profile companies to combat global warming. The shared goal of the participating companies is to promote climate-conscious thinking and action. In addition to direct measures to reduce CO2 emissions, the WWF CLIMATE GROUP is engaged in raising awareness among employees, customers and business partners, as well as campaigning for the transformation to a decarbonised economy and society. The joint activities of the companies send important signals to industry, society and political parties.

Efficient products, sustainably manufactured

OCHSNER heat pumps are renowned for their outstanding efficiency and low energy consumption. The factory sets similarly high standards. It uses 100 percent green energy and can therefore currently already guarantee completely climate neutral manufacture. Streamlined production and continuous optimisation of all processes are key factors in this. The standards of the suppliers are equally important. All business partners are bound by the OCHSNER sustainability criteria. Certification to the international environmental standard ISO 14001 underscores the comprehensive environmental and sustainability measures.

Climate change represents one of the most serious challenges facing the social and economic system. Improvements are only possible if everyone works together. OCHSNER employees and partners are rising to this challenge – with strong commitment and a high level of expertise.