Would you like your home to be at a pleasant temperature in the summer too, without draughts or noise nuisance? The heat pump is the only appliance utilising renewables that can provide heating, domestic hot water and cooling. OCHSNER has been making heat pumps with this optional cooling function for more than 20 years - in other words, it is highly experienced in this field. The outlay is only slightly higher whilst operating costs are significantly lower than those of conventional air conditioning systems.

How does it work? When cooling with a heat pump, a distinction is made between active and passive cooling, depending on the heat sink:

Passive cooling is possible when using water or brine. In this case the higher temperature drawn from the interior of the building by the heating system is transferred to the cooler ground or groundwater acting as heat sink. This does not require the heat pump compressor to run.

Active cooling can utilise the air as the heat sink by reversing the heat pump circuit. Cooling by this method is more intensive than with passive cooling.

In some cases it is possible to convert existing heat pumps to incorporate a cooling function, but ideally this should be included at the design stage. Click here to go to the engineering information.


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