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Christmas help for Ukraine

In December 2022, OCHSNER made a donation for Ukrainian families.

Over the past year, Russia has carried out multiple missile attacks on Ukraine's energy and civilian infrastructure. Power plants were bombed, houses were ruined, and in many towns residents were left without electricity, heating and water, therefore OCHSNER, as a gesture of pre-Christmas help to Ukrainian families, decided to purchase 6 Honda power generators. In a country where in winter it is even -30 degrees Celsius, power generators are currently one of the most urgently needed equipment. The generators purchased by the OCHSNER company will be transported to the city of Kherson through the Solidarity without borders foundation, the foundation will donate the aggregates to the most needy. We hope that the purchased aggregates will help the inhabitants of Kherson to survive this difficult winter time, at least to a small extent.

We thank the Solidarność bez granic foundation for taking over and transporting it.


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