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Heat pumps for high outputs

OCHSNER Energietechnik develops and produces high capacity heat pumps for high temperatures and output requirements. These high-tech heat pumps use heat extremely efficiently and with very low environmental impact. OCHSNER high capacity heat pumps are suitable for a wide application range and able to use highly diverse heat sources.

Broad application range of OCHSNER high capacity heat pumps

The applications of OCHSNER high capacity heat pumps are many and diverse. They can be used for heating, air conditioning and supplying DHW in large buildings. Typical examples include multi-storey buildings, hotels and restaurants, clinics, institutions and educational facilities, as well as office, commercial and retail buildings. Process heat from industry can be used, and even temperatures of up to 130°C are possible. When integrated into heating networks, OCHSNER high capacity heat pumps raise the temperature level and increase efficiency.

Innovative solutions for large outputs

OCHSNER high capacity heat pumps offer innovative solutions for many industries, applications and types of building.

OCHSNER broad spectrum of heat sources

OCHSNER high capacity heat pumps can use a variety of other heat sources in addition to those commonly used, i.e. air, ground or groundwater. It is possible to recover heat from industrial processes, or waste heat from computers or data centres, which is currently often conducted away and not utilised. Usable heat is also often channelled away from the kitchens or wellness facilities of large hotels. In municipal infrastructures, the sewer system plays an important role as a heat source due to the waste heat produced by sewage.

Use of diverse heat sources

OCHSNER high capacity heat pumps have a wide range of custom applications, thanks to their use of diverse heat sources.

Economically and ecologically sound

Alongside economic viability, many companies place environmental responsibility and climate protection very high on their agenda. OCHSNER high capacity heat pumps can be highly instrumental in achieving tangible improvements in both these spheres. With their high performance and efficiency, they cut energy costs while at the same time significantly reducing CO2 emissions. Disposing of heat from industrial processes and other sources and conducting it away is currently an expensive process in many cases.

Intelligent energy use

Energy which has been costly to generate and already paid for can be transformed, used at another location, or fed back into processes using OCHSNER technology.

Top marks for efficiency and reliability

OCHSNER regularly achieves top scores in independent heat pump tests. The company uses innovative processes and aspects of Industry 4.0 to manufacture its products at its main plant in Austria. This ensures the durable, reliable, "Made in Austria" quality for which OCHSNER is renowned. To secure its technological leadership, the company invests around five percent of its turnover in research and development.

TÜV certified up to 130°C

OCHSNER operates its own testing laboratory. It is certified by TÜV for applications up to 130°C and allows full-load testing up to heating outputs of 800 kW under field conditions.

Innovative, open-system OCHSNER control technology

The electronic MEGATRONIC controllers of OCHSNER high capacity heat pumps are state of the art. They control and monitor the heat pump and record all the relevant values in real time. Periphery control allows the control of circulation pumps and valves as well as buffer management, switching of heating, and active and passive cooling. Clear displays and logging of measured values provide the user with valuable information. Integration in a building management system is supported, as well as remote monitoring via LAN or the internet.

OCHSNER high capacity heat pumps: the temperature ranges

OCHSNER offers a broad spectrum of high capacity heat pumps for different temperature levels.

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