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Perfect energy utilisation

Tank technologies play a major role in ensuring that the energy generated by heat pumps is utilised efficiently. They also optimise the operation of the heat pumps, which increases their service life. Water hygiene is very important for DHW heating. OCHSNER tanks and accessories ensure that the heat pump can be combined with the best possible tank from the OCHSNER range. The technology is tested at the factory and perfectly matched.

Heat pump buffer tanks and heat pump DHW tanks fulfil an important function in the use of electricity from renewables. Large tanks make it possible to provide a heat store for power surpluses, e.g. during sunshine. The heat is available for later use, for example at night or when the sky is overcast. This is currently already a worthwhile investment for making the best use of electricity from your own photovoltaic system. In future, it will be possible to use and buffer electricity for your home even more efficiently from the Smart Grids – the planned intelligent power grids.

Efficiency & convenience from renewable energy

Flawlessly designed and perfectly sized tank technology improves efficiency and convenience for heating and DHW heating. It increases the service life of the heat pump and plays a role in ensuring optimised use of electricity from renewables.

OCHSNER heat pump buffer tanks! Store heating energy with low losses

Heat pump buffer tanks, also known as thermal stores, absorb heat, store it with low losses, and keep it ready for use in the heating system. They ensure a constant supply of heat and increase the service life of the heat pump compressor by significantly reducing its activation cycles. This allows bivalent or multivalent charging from different heat sources.

OCHSNER buffer tanks function according to the stratified tank principle. This is based on the fact that hot water is less dense than cold and therefore stays at the top. The system is optimised to prevent the temperature layers from mixing. Sufficient DHW is then available, even when the tank is far from fully charged.

OCHSNER heat pump buffer tanks are perfectly matched to the heat pump thanks to their large connection dimensions.

OCHSNER Unifresh® fresh DHW heater! Hygienic and economical

The OCHSNER Unifresh® fresh DHW heater combines a buffer tank with a freshwater coil. It can be used purely as a DHW heater or as a DHW station and buffer tank for the heating system. It can be supplied with water either from the heat pump alone or on a bivalent basis, for example from the heat pump and the boiler. The extended corrugated indirect coil made from stainless steel has a large surface area for DHW heating and ensures high delivery capacity. This process ensures that DHW is always freshly heated, which prevents any hygiene risks due to legionella. Connections are provided for several heat generators and heating systems, a thermometer, sensor and electric immersion heater.

OCHSNER Unifresh® works on the same principle as a stratified tank, supplying hot water reliably even if the tank is far from fully charged.

OCHSNER heat pump DHW tanks! Hygienic and economical

Heat pump DHW tanks are an ideal complement to a heating heat pump, the purpose of which is to also ensure the DHW supply. The heated DHW is stored in an external tank, independently of the heating system or a heating buffer tank. OCHSNER DHW tanks comply with the requirements for drinking water safety and legionella protection.

The OCHSNER DHW tank is fitted with a heating control unit, which ensures that it is always supplied with DHW on a priority basis.

Five questions about ground source heat pumps

In principle, a heat pump can be used without a tank, provided that it functions using modulating operation. For example, underfloor heating is also a heat store to a limited extent. Tank technology does increase efficiency, however. It can also optimise operation of the heat pump, e.g. for using electricity from renewables. Smoother operation with fewer interruptions increases the service life of the compressor in the heat pump.

There is no simple answer to this question, as it depends very much on the system, the building and the DHW demand. Your OCHSNER system partner can advise you.

Subsidies for heat stores and improvements to existing heat stores are available via the BAFA heating system modernisation scheme [Germany]. To subsidy information.

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