Öko Master cylinder series

Heating and domestic hot water – any time


OCHSNER offers a range of high quality cylinders. Depending on application, there is a choice of two different systems:

Heat pump separating cylinders

Separating cylinders (buffer cylinders, energy stores) serve to receive heat, store it with minimum losses and transfer it to the heating system on demand. To extend the service life of the heat pump compressor, OCHSNER recommends using special heat pump separating cylinders. These are optimally matched to heat pumps due to their appropriately larger connection dimensions.

Unifresh® DHW module

  • The Unifresh® DHW module combines high hygiene standards with economic viability and can be used either purely as a DHW module or as a buffer cylinder with integral DHW generation.
  • Suitable for heat pumps and/or boilers
  • High delivery capacity – due to extended corrugated indirect coil made from stainless steel with a large surface area for DHW heating
  • Legionella bacteria cannot develop as domestic hot water is only heated fresh
  • OCHSNER stratification principle – for optimum stratification and heating system efficiency when used as a buffer cylinder
  • Sufficient connectivity – for various heat generators or heating systems, thermometer, sensor, electric booster heater, etc.
  • Detachable PU insulation, recyclable
  • Can be combined with solar thermal systems (optional solar coil)


Heat pump freshwater modules

Heat pump freshwater modules provide the same functionality as the Unifresh®, since they prevent the risk of legionella bacteria developing, as only fresh water is heated. Heat pump freshwater modules can be connected to any heat pump separating cylinder, permitting the use of buffer cylinders of any size.

Heat pump DHW cylinders

If domestic hot water is heated by a heating heat pump, instead of a DHW heat pump in the Europa series, this DHW will be stored in an external heat pump DHW cylinder. The heating control unit ensures that sufficient DHW is available at all times, on a priority basis. In the future, heat pump separating cylinders and heat pump DHW cylinders will gain in significance as energy buffers, including with regard to Smart Grid functionality.*