Quality you can always rely on

Premium quality and durability are the standards that OCHSNER sets for all its heat pumps. Dedicated quality management and a customer and quality focused corporate culture are as self-evident for OCHSNER as up to date certifications. By choosing an OCHSNER heat pump, customers are opting for an environmentally sound heating system that they can always rely on.

The highest standards of quality management

OCHSNER heat pumps are manufactured exclusively in Austria and Germany with high grade components. The latest standards and all the relevant certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 ensure consistently high manufacturing quality. OCHSNER places the same high quality demands on its suppliers. Every heat pump is thoroughly checked and tested in the factory before delivery – to ensure quality without compromises. This means that, with OCHSNER heat pumps, customers can expect maximum efficiency, operational reliability and durability as standard. Well over 150,000 OCHSNER heat pumps are currently successfully in use.

Confirmed efficiency and premium quality

OCHSNER heat pumps have been achieving record-breaking levels of efficiency and outstandingly low noise emissions for many years. They also ensure minimal heating costs for users. The company provides transparent information about the premium efficiency of its products. The energy efficiency ratings speak for themselves: OCHSNER heat pumps have the highest classifications up to A+++, even with air as the heat source. When choosing a heat pump, customers should look for the EHPA European Quality Label which guarantees efficiency and the highest quality. The classification of the tanks is equally important.

Putting customers first – even after the purchase

At OCHSNER, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Individual support does not end at the moment of purchase. The in-house technical customer service continues to offer comprehensive assistance. Customers can count on expert, reliable help, available at any time. OCHSNER also offers the option of remote maintenance via the internet for many products. The Customer Service regularly achieves top scores in ongoing evaluations via a certified SMS survey system. This is a further reflection of what makes the company unique: quality, futureproof technology and customer focus, which set the gold standard for state of the art heat pump technology.