The integral DHW tank of the compact hot water heat pump has a capacity of 250 litres and delivers a usable volume of water of up to 288 litres for households of up to 4 persons. A coil can be used to also connect a solar thermal system or boiler. The fully wired appliance is quick to install and has a footprint of less than half a square metre.

Energy efficient
Climate zone (middle)
SCOPw (VDI 4650-1:2016)
Useable for
  • DHW heating (up to 5 persons)
  • Cooling of pantries and storage rooms
  • Cellar dehumidification
Max. DHW temp. (heat pump mode) 65 °C
Tiptronic light

OCHSNER hot water heat pumps

OCHSNER hot water heat pumps ensure an environmentally responsible and economical DHW supply, irrespective of the actual heating system.

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