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GMLW 35 plus

Heizungs-Wärmepumpe Luft/Split - für besonders leisen Lauf
Indoor unit
Metrics (H/B/T): 115 x 60 x 65
Weight: 164
Outdoor unit
Metrics (H/B/T): 108 x 222 x 96
Weight: 180
Heat source: Air (split)
DHW temperature: 65 °C im Wärmepumpenbetrieb
Version: Heat/Cool, Heat
Fuse protection (A): 25
Rated voltage (V):
SCOP (35°C): 4.07
Heating output: 30.3
Power consumption: 7.4
Coefficient of performance: 4.1
Heating output: 27,4
Power consumption: 8,8
Coefficient of performance: 3,1
Heating output: 23,4
Power consumption: 7,4
Coefficient of performance: 3,2
Heating output: 37.2
Power consumption: 8.1
Coefficient of performance: 4.6
Der hocheffiziente Horizontal-Splitverdampfer entzieht der Außenluft die benötigte Wärme, wobei eine optimierte, automatische Abtaueinrichtung den Verdampfer bei Bedarf ohne viel Energieaufwand eisfrei hält. OCHSNER Horizontal-Splitverdampfer werden in exklusiver Gehäuse-Ausführung gefertigt. OCHSNER gewährt hier 10 Jahre Garantie gegen Durchrosten.

Perfectly designed for quiet running

In the split appliances of the GMLW series, the air heat exchanger is arranged horizontally (horizontal split evaporator). Higher energy efficiency is achieved through an optimum evaporator design, as demonstrated by the large heat exchanger surface and slow-running fans.

The high efficiency horizontal split evaporator extracts the heat required from the outdoor air, whilst an optimised, automatic defrosting device keeps the evaporator free of ice when needed, using minimal energy. OCHSNER horizontal split evaporators are manufactured in exclusive casings covered by a 10-year corrosion perforation warranty by OCHSNER.

This generously sized and optimally designed appliance draws the maximum amount of heat from the air, even at temperatures far below zero. No other appliance on the market offers such large heat exchanger surface areas. Special low speed fans provide whisper quiet operation with maximum energy efficiency. Furthermore, fully modulating fan operation ensures variable matching of evaporator and heat pump output.

Other benefits of the horizontal configuration

Another advantage of the split evaporator's horizontal configuration is that the exhaust air is blown upwards, which means no cold, unpleasant air flows towards a neighbour's property or your own garden.

The outdoor unit is linked to the heat pump, protected within the building, via a connection line. The connection is simply made by means of insulated copper pipes and a wiring harness designed and made by OCHSNER. These are usually laid in an underground conduit and can also be easily retrofitted (heating system modernisation).

The thermodynamic de-icing, anti-blocking and inverse running features have been developed to maximise operational reliability under extreme weather conditions.

OCHSNER air source heat pump video

Advanced control technology

The OCHSNER OTE home climate manager offers you the greatest convenience, maximum energy efficiency and the highest degree of operational reliability.

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Noise reduction through whisper quiet operation

The unique and patented whisper quiet operation reduces the noise emissions from OCHSNER horizontal split evaporators to an absolute minimum. You will hardly even notice them working.

Silent Mode

In silent mode, the fan speed is reduced according to a fixed proportional function depending on the outside air temperature. This ensures that the system's already extremely low noise emissions in standard operation are reduced even further, for example in summer during DHW or pool heating. Silent mode can be set to four freely selectable periods. This feature is provided as standard by OCHSNER.

Super silent package

The super silent package is an option for all models in the GMLW series and is recommended for especially sensitive areas. The optimised design derived from the aerospace industry reduces noise levels by a further 3 dB(A).

Cooling function

GMLW series heat pumps are available with cooling function on request.

Cooling engineering tips...

Confirmed peak values

The GMLW heat pump, working together with the OCHSNER split evaporator, achieves a COP of 4.4* and bears the EHPA Quality Label (see www.wpz.ch).

*Peak value – tested on a GMLW 14 plus model at an outside temperature of 2 °C and a water temperature of 35 °C to the relevant test standard for heat pumps EN 14511