The heat pump is suitable for building heat loads between 7 and 11 kW. It delivers heat and DHW up to 60°C. All heat pump technology is built into the indoor unit, which takes up around one square metre of floor space.

Energy efficient
Climate zone (middle)
Energy efficiency class (D to A+++)
P rated
8 kW
Efficiency ETAs
161,0 %
Useable for
  • Detached and two-family houses
  • Underfloor heating
Max. flow temp. 60°C
OTE controller

Features and options

OTE home climate manager

With its OTE home climate manager, OCHSNER focuses on intelligent, user friendliness for the control of your heat pump system

Flow temperature up to 60°C

This series delivers flow temperatures of up to 60°C in heat pump-only mode and is therefore suitable for more than just supplying

OCHSNER air source heat pumps

OCHSNER air source heat pumps combine outstanding energy efficiency with extremely low noise emissions and futureproof, reliable technology.

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