Decarbonizing Heat Production in Process Industry and District Heat Networks Through Heat Pumps

OCSHNER and Mitsubishi Power Europe jointly commercialize large-scale heat pumps systems

Turning waste heat into a valuable commodity: Ochsner Wärmepumpen GmbH and Mitsubishi Power Europe have joined forces and are now developing heat pump solutions for a variety of industrial applications. The two companies  have signed a cooperation agreement, bringing together the heat pump manufacturing expertise of Ochsner and the experience and know-how of Mitsubishi Power in the power generation market.

Highly-efficient heat pumps from Ochsner are widely in use for many years  for heating  households, small office buildings and similar applications, with up to 1MWth thermal output. Under the new cooperation agreement, the parties will together commercialize industrial-scale heat pumps with up to 10 MWth thermal capacity. In addition to product development and sales activities, Mitsubishi Power will provide Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) as a turnkey solution for its customers.

Heat pumps may cover process heating and cooling demands by utilizing almost any kind of available waste heat (cooling cycles, low temperature waste heat etc.). The useful heat produced may be above 100°C (hot water or steam). This technology can be a distinctive benefit for food, chemical, textile and machinery industries, where heating (and cooling) solutions are necessary.

 “Heat Pumps are today the state-of-the-art renewable heating technology for buildings. We are convinced that we can realize the same potential of energy saving and CO2 emission reduction in the process and power industry”, says Karl Ochsner sen.

“The collaboration with Ochsner is a continuation of our way of working with energy experts to scale up technologies that support decarbonization goals”, adds Prof. Emmanouil Kakaras, Head of the New Products Business Unit at Mitsubishi Power Europe. Heat pumps are one of several solutions in this field which the Mitsubishi Power Group is bringing into the market – from like Solid Oxide Fuel Cells to Hydrogen-fueled Gas Turbines.