for heating, passive cooling optional

The ground acts as a free and abundant heat store, making it an ideal heat source. Solar energy and heat stored in the ground are extracted using horizontal collectors or geothermal probes.

Energy efficient
Climate zone (middle)
Energy efficiency class (D to A+++)
P rated
74 kW
Efficiency ETAs
167,0 %
Useable for
  • Apartment and commercial buildings
  • Underfloor heating
  • Radiators up to 60°C
Max. flow temp. 65°C
OTE controller

Features and options

OTE home climate manager

With its OTE home climate manager, OCHSNER focuses on intelligent, user friendliness for the control of your heat pump system

Also efficient when combined with radiators

As heat pumps in this series achieve flow temperatures of 65°C as standard, they also work in conjunction with radiators

OCHSNER ground source heat pumps

OCHSNER ground source heat pumps use the ground as an abundant, free heat store via horizontal collectors or geothermal probes with maximum efficiency.

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