DHW heat pump – split appliance for outdoor cylinders up to 500 l, Tiptronic light control unit
Metrics (H/B/T): 65 x 42.6
Weight: 45
Heat source: Air / exhaust air
DHW temperature: 60 °C im Wärmepumpenbetrieb
Version: Water heating
Fuse protection (A): 16
  • Split appliance for outdoor cylinder up to 500 l
  • For households with up to 5 residents
  • Water temperature of up to 60 °C
  • Fully wired
  • Straightforward installation
  • Compact footprint
  • Possibility of DN 150 air duct up to 20 m
  • Integral heat exchanger
  • Cylinder charging via integral circulation pump
  • Pasteurisation with the heat pump
  • Also available as a package solution with 300 l or 500 l cylinder
  • Tiptronic light controller

DHW heating
Larder cooling
Basement dehumidification
Can be combined with existing pellet boiler, solar thermal or conventional boiler systems

DHW heat pumps

Highest efficiency

For efficient DHW heating, separated from central heating, OCHSNER recommends the EUROPA series of DHW heat pumps. They work just as well teamed up with a boiler as with a solar thermal system, for example. OCHSNER exclusively offers DHW heat pumps either as split appliances – for outdoor cylinders with up to 500 litres capacity (larger households, commercial enterprises) – or as compact appliances with an integral 300 or 250 litre DHW cylinder.

Key benefits:

  • Highly efficient and durable
  • Environmentally responsible DHW heating with air/extract air or geothermal energy as the heat source
  • EHPA Quality Label
  • Very quiet running
  • Quick positioning and installation. Plug in – switch on – ready.
  • Smart, simple-to-operate control technology with touchscreen
  • DHW up to 65 °C. DHW temperature of up to 65 °C in heat pump mode provides you with more hot water when required. Immersion heaters integrated as standard into the cylinders of compact appliances are available for times when the DHW demand is greater.
  • Additional functions such as cooling, drying and ventilation
  • Can be combined with solar thermal and PV systems
  • Ideal for renovation projects as an addition to existing oil, gas or biomass boilers

Tiptronic plus control unit

with touchscreen**

Smart, simple-to-operate control technology:

  • DHW control with selectable hygiene/comfort circuit
  • Ventilation function with integral variable speed control
  • Real time clock (timer programs for DHW, hygiene and ventilation modes)
  • Heat pump operation with defrost function for use at air temperatures down to minus 10 °C
  • Solar control as standard for on-site solar thermal systems (can be configured on site)

The models in the

Europa series offer the following unique features:

The Europa 323 DK, Europa 323 DK-EW and Europa Mini IWP are prepared for smart metering thanks to their Smart Grid function.

This means you can exploit the expected favourable tariffs from the power grid of the future or already avail yourself of electricity from your own PV system as your preferred option for DHW heating.

Save and benefit with the multi-talented Europa series.


than just domestic hot water provision

Enjoy all the other benefits of an OCHSNER DHW heat pump as well. Europa multifunction appliances can also dry, cool and provide ventilation.