Air source heat pumps with inverter technology, compact heating and cooling solutions
Metrics (H/B/T): 189,6 x 68 x 80
Weight: 220
Flow temperature: 65
Heat source: Air (split)
Version: Heat/Cool, Heat
Rated voltage (V): 400
Operating point L7/W35
Heating output: 7.10
Power consumption: 1,50
Coefficient of performance: 4,8
Operating point L2/W35
Heating output: 7,10
Power consumption: 1,70
Coefficient of performance: 4,2


This appliance combines the strengths of the unique horizontal split evaporator of the GMLW series, such as 

  • large heat exchanger surfaces, a wide fin gap and whisper quiet modulating fans,
  • automatic defrosting, an anti-blocking function and inverse running after defrosting, and

  • an exclusive powder-coated stainless steel casing with a 10-year warranty against corrosion perforations

with the benefits offered by inverter technology. The intelligent control unit for this technology was designed in-house by OCHSNER.

Inverter technology

The cutting edge, demand-dependent compressors deployed by OCHSNER continuously adapt to the actual heating demand. This keeps the level of efficiency and seasonal COP exceptionally high and eliminates unnecessary cycling. With an actual seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) of 4.5, the OCHSNER AIR EAGLE is the world's most efficient variable speed air to water heat pump ever tested by the heat pump test centre in Buchs (Switzerland). Furthermore, operation of the OCHSNER AIR EAGLE usually does not require a buffer cylinder.

OCHSNER Air Eagle Video


Top quality variable speed compressors adapt to space heating demands. In addition, the variable speed fans work in silent mode, to reduce noise emissions even further. The outdoor unit is simply connected to the quiet indoor unit, containing all necessary heating components, via a cable harness designed and made by OCHSNER, and two pre-assembled, high purity refrigeration copper pipes. OCHSNER uses twice the amount of insulation normally used on such pipes to avoid any undesired heat transfer losses.

Compact solution

OCHSNER recommends the AIR EAGLE in combination with the OCHSNER Multi Tower for particularly tight spaces. This combines in a single appliance the indoor unit, control unit, hydraulics, a buffer cylinder and an enamelled DHW cylinder. All hydraulic components are incorporated as standard.

Advanced control technology

The OCHSNER OTE home climate manager offers you the greatest convenience with straightforward operation. This means you can be sure of getting the best energy efficiency and the highest degree of operational reliability from your heat pump system. Intelligent processor technology ensures your heating system works perfectly, thereby protecting resources and the environment.

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SCOP 4.5 efficiency record!

With a seasonal coefficient of performance of 4.5, the OCHSNER AIR EAGLE is the world's most efficient variable speed air to water heat pump (tested in the heat pump test centre in Buchs with a P design of 15 kW, FLT 35 °C).