GMWW 11 plus

Heating heat pump with water as the heat source
Metrics (H/B/T): 115 x 40 x 65
Weight: 116
Flow temperature: 65
Heat source: Water
Version: Heat
Fuse protection (A): 10
Rated voltage (V): 400
SCOP (35°C): 6.44
Heating output: 10,4
Power consumption: 1,8
Coefficient of performance: 5,8
The heat generator for the highest COPs, as an option also available with cooling function and tubular heat exchangers for greater operational reliability

Groundwater as a heat source

Groundwater has a fairly consistent temperature of between 8 and 12 °C all year round, which means its temperature level must be raised less than that of other heat sources for heating purposes.

Permits are required from relevant water authorities to use groundwater as a heat source for a heat pump. The well builder, drilling contractor or your OCHSNER system partner can assist you with your application. Several conditions must be met to use groundwater as a heat source:

  • Sufficient amount of water
  • Water quality (analysis)
  • Permit from the water authorities
  • Supply and return wells


OCHSNER offers a special series based on tubular heat exchangers for even less sensitivity to water as the heat source.

This means even greater efficiency and operational reliability for the operator due to

  • especially resistant materials
improved corrosion resistance due to thicker walls
less sensitivity to contamination from suspended sediment in the groundwater
the possibility of flushing the heat exchanger/source system in compliance with relevant standards


Tubular heat exchangers are available for models GMWW 11 plus, GMWW 14 plus, GMWW 17 plus and GMWW 22 plus.

Cooling and advanced control technology

All heat pumps in the GMWW and AQUA series come equipped with the OTE home climate manager for the greatest convenience, maximum energy efficiency and the highest degree of operational reliability.

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Heat pumps in the GMWW and AQUA series are available with cooling function on request.