OCHSNER Multi Tower All in One

The OCHSNER Multi Tower is the ideal solution where space is limited and can be used with any heat pump in the OCHSNER AIR EAGLE and AIR BASIC ranges.

Distinctive lines, gently rounded edges and an elegant surface coating – these are the features that characterise the OCHSNER Multi Tower. On a surface area of barely half a square metre, it combines the heat pump indoor unit, control unit and hydraulics, as well as a buffer cylinder for heating and cooling plus an enamelled DHW cylinder with signal anode in a single appliance.

All hydraulic components such as the HE circulation pump for buffer charging and heating circuits, and the three-way changeover and safety valves are integrated in the Multi Tower as standard.

On request, a capacitive touchscreen can be supplied, allowing operation on the appliance itself, simultaneously making the heat pump internet-ready. This appliance is optimised for quick and straightforward installation by means of threaded fittings with flat gaskets. If the installation location is difficult to access, the appliance can be split into two and handled separately.

In combination with area heating systems, the OCHSNER Multi Tower is also available with a cooling function.