for heating and active cooling

The heat pump is suitable for high building heat loads between 46 and 54 kW. It delivers heat and DHW up to 65°C. It can be optionally configured for active (AQUA 54 CPLA) or passive (AQUA 54 HPLA) cooling. It uses the reliable OCHSNER plate heat exchangers. The slimline tower indoor unit has a footprint of less than half a square metre. The Aqua 54 can be cascaded for higher output demands.

Energy efficient
Climate zone (middle)
Energy efficiency class (D to A+++)
P rated
54 kW
Efficiency ETAs
240,0 %
Useable for
  • Apartment and commercial buildings
  • Underfloor heating
  • Radiators up to 60°C
Max. flow temp. 65 °C
OTE controller

Features and options

OTE home climate manager

With its OTE home climate manager, OCHSNER focuses on intelligent, user friendliness for the control of your heat pump system

OCHSNER groundwater heat pumps

OCHSNER groundwater heat pumps feature maximum efficiency and durability. Essential requirements are access to groundwater and the relevant permits.

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