The OCHSNER AIR STATION OLWI is designed for indoor installation only, principally in new builds and for replacing existing systems. The series covers an application range of 5 to 20 kW and can easily heat even larger buildings. Outdoor air, which can be accessed in two different ways, is also used as a heat source in this model. A system installed underground in a basement requires two wall conduits. Existing light wells are typically used for this. For above-ground systems on a base plate, a visually appealing weather grille is used for the wall conduits. Ideally, the air should be ducted via the corner of the building with both modes of installation. Highly flexible, thermally insulated special air hoses function as air ducts. This air duct set is supplied as standard with the AIR STATION OLWI series. A standard integral switching module divides the heat provided between heating and DHW as needed, while an integral high efficiency circulation pump circulates the heat to the tank of your choosing. We recommend the Öko-Master Unifresh freshwater tank for this purpose, to ensure hygienic, freshly heated DHW in sufficient quantities at all times.