OCHSNER heat pump innovations

Compact complete solution, economical design, high end heat pump and DHW from PV power generated on site

Europa 333 Genius DHW heat pump

Outstanding test results at Buchs, optimised on-site usage of PV power and EnergieGenie 2018 award winner.

The new OCHSNER Europa 333 Genius is the flagship model in Ochsner's DHW heat pump line-up. Having achieved impressive top values at the heat pump test centre in Buchs, Switzerland, its COP of 3.8 makes it one of the most powerful and efficient DHW heat pumps on the market. This new heat pump offers a range of functions and innovations that make for particularly efficient, reliable and versatile operation. As every watt of electrical energy from the PV system can be converted into heat, on-site consumption of self-generated solar power can be considerably increased. The unit is Smart Grid ready. With exhaust air from adjacent rooms, such as the basement, serving as the heat source, the DHW heat pump also provides ventilation. This can be used as needed in each individual situation thanks to the fan with infinitely variable speed control. The Ochsner Europa 333 Genius can be integrated into modern building management and Smart Home systems via the BUS interface.

The Europa 333 Genius received the EnergieGenie 2018 innovation award in recognition of its energy efficiency credentials. This award is presented annually by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism and the state of Upper Austria.

Multi Tower All in One

Compact complete solution for detached houses

The OCHSNER Multi Tower All in One is a highly efficient, space saving heat pump solution for detached houses. The 100 litre heating water buffer cylinder and 168 litre DHW cylinder provide sufficient reserves for the typical requirements of a detached house. As an option, it can be switched to cooling mode in the summer. The very high quality standard of the technical equipment ensures long operational reliability and fast installation and commissioning. The air split system's indoor unit is virtually silent. This eliminates the need for installation in a separate boiler room. Unlike many other split units on the market, a height offset of up to 15 metres can be realised between the outdoor and indoor units to facilitate siting in attics and basements, for instance. The unit can be split into two sections for transport to difficult to access installation locations.

New indoor unit design reduces system costs

OCHSNER indoor units for air and ground as a heat source feature the new OCHSNER design. The recyclable high grade metal casing features rounded edges and a top quality satin finish that is pleasant to the touch. The distinctive white design is accentuated by the recessed strip in our in-house shade of red. The large full graphics display with straightforward, logical menu structure is convenient to operate and easy to read. With different colours and materials to choose from, the top cover can be matched to the style of each individual home. Multi-layer sound insulation in the casing effectively reduces noise. The clear technical design and high degree of preassembly lower overall system costs by almost 10 percent and reduce installation time. Thanks to the removable casing, the new indoor units can be easily accessed for servicing.

OCHSNER Air Eagle high end heat pump

Outdoor unit for the highest aspirations

The OCHSNER Air Eagle high end heat pump is designed as a quiet horizontal split evaporator and is noted for its horizontal, low-noise modulating fans, large heat exchanger surfaces and wide fin gap. A speed controlled compressor is included for optimal output matching. The exclusive casing design in powder coated, corrosion protected stainless steel meets high aesthetic standards. This unit is the perfect complement to the Ochsner Multi Tower as a complete solution for heating and DHW with optional cooling in detached houses.